Lady Eagles History in the Making

Never before has Toccoa Falls College women’s soccer team won a championship. Although the Lady Eagles are ranked fourth in the nation (NCCAA), and last year, they made the national tournament on an end of season bid; they left the South Regional Championship Tournament in second place.

With a rocky start of their 2010 season, as the Lady Eagles went up against ACC and Clearwater in the regionals, TFC didn’t know what to expect. The regionals took place on TFC campus, where the Lady eagles played with plenty of heart. Against ACC, the game went into overtime, with both teams tied 0-0. With the help of Anna Long, Ashley Ziegler, and Callie Richardson, the Eagles, clinched their spots with penalty kicks as the fans ran on the field with excitement. It caused for an even more thrilling game against Clearwater. Although it was a rough outing against their opponent, Lady Eagles took the win…

It has been a well fought season for the Eagles women’s soccer team, and for the first time in the school’s one hundred year history, our ladies have won a women’s soccer regionals. Therefore, as they go into the Nationals, they have a chance to make history and win the Nation Championship. Proud fans, who are awaiting the Lady Eagles to come home next week as National champions, want to say, “Good luck ladies!”