Due for a Date with Due Date!!!

Todd Phillips can add another feather to his directorial cap with the release of the new movie Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis.

The movie tells the story of Downey’s character, Peter Highman, as he attempts to make his way across the country to be there for the birth of his son. His plans hit a snag, however, when he gets ejected from a plane and is forced to drive cross country with Ethan Tremblay, played by the ever funny Galifianakis.

With humor throughout and moments of emotion and heart, the movie scores as another hit to be added among the ranks of other Phillip movies such as the “Hangover,” “Old School” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Downey displays why he is one of the best actors around today, while Galifianakis shows a great depth to his acting abilities as well. We may have a serious actor on our hands, folks.

The movie is rated R and should not be seen by those who are easily offended by crude humor and language. That being said it is a wild ride that should be taken, so consider yourself due for a date with Due Date.