Ministry Arts Chapel

Beauty is the infinite presented in the finite.

There is something arresting about beauty.

When we see it in something- a sunset, a friend, a painting- it stops us in our tracks and makes us believe that our existence isn’t as mundane as we thought it was.

True beauty is full of power.

Maybe it’s because in the moment we experience it we get a glimpse of something altogether greater than us- something we can’t understand, but something we were created to behold.

This something is the essence of everything good, loving, and mighty. This something reflects none other than the God of the universe. So it makes sense that we create beautiful things, doesn’t it?

Monday, November 8, 2010 students will get the chance to worship through the creative arts in the first Ministry Arts Chapel.

Students will perform original songs, recite poetry, and paint expressions of their faith on stage. There will also be original paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures by faculty, staff and students on display in the lobby.

Come support those participating and catch a glimpse of the beauty of God.