It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

… With the students jingle belling and
Everyone telling you “Break’s almost here!”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Student’s schedules are only getting busier near the end of the semester with Christmas parties, dorm sleepovers, and most importantly, all nighters for decking out halls for the Christmas hall decorating competition.  For freshman girls, this week will be the busiest week of the year because of this competition. The battle is between Fant and Letourneau and only one hall can win. Past winners decorated their halls with the themes of Candy Land, Christmas at the Movies, Gingerbread Village, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The winners will be announced Monday, November 29 after the Christmas Extravaganza on Earl Field. Starting at 7:00 p.m., there will be an open dorm and all faculty, staff… and yes, guys will be allowed to see what the girls  have worked so hard on too.

Be on the lookout for all of the Christmas festivities and keep it up girls!!!

Due for a Date with Due Date!!!

Todd Phillips can add another feather to his directorial cap with the release of the new movie Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis.

The movie tells the story of Downey’s character, Peter Highman, as he attempts to make his way across the country to be there for the birth of his son. His plans hit a snag, however, when he gets ejected from a plane and is forced to drive cross country with Ethan Tremblay, played by the ever funny Galifianakis.

With humor throughout and moments of emotion and heart, the movie scores as another hit to be added among the ranks of other Phillip movies such as the “Hangover,” “Old School” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Downey displays why he is one of the best actors around today, while Galifianakis shows a great depth to his acting abilities as well. We may have a serious actor on our hands, folks.

The movie is rated R and should not be seen by those who are easily offended by crude humor and language. That being said it is a wild ride that should be taken, so consider yourself due for a date with Due Date.

Change Overruled

On Tuesday Nov.2, many Americans exercised their right as United States citizens to vote.  Since President Barak Obama and his cabinet have been in office, many conservatives have been frustrated with the direction that the new administration has been heading toward and has clearly indicated their dislike, especially regarding the slump in economy, health care reform, rate of unemployment, and lack of interest in education.

For the first time ever in Congressional history, the House of Representatives have a huge majority that favors one party. This means that many Democrat incumbents lost their seat to the Republican Party with a margin of 239 Republicans to 187 Democrats.

In the Senate, however, the Democrats hold the majority, but not the level of which they had before the mid-term elections. “I think the message was not well delivered,” Obama said, as he attempted to answer questions from the press on his reaction to American voters. Many of those who are a part of the conservative party dislike his policies and lack of progress when it comes to issues in which they (America citizens) are concerned. Voting all of those, who stand by him and his concept of change, out of office should be clear enough.

Even some TFC students participated in the elections, such as Sophomore Craig Salmon, who is from Monticello, GA admitted to being excited about being able to vote and drop off his absent tee ballet.

However, there are others who did not vote. “To be honest, I am not really into the politics thing, at least not yet” said freshman Ethan Mullenax. “I just turned 17.”

Other students didn’t vote, not because of age, but because they simply aren’t interested. “I don’t really care that much. When the ‘right’ person comes, then I’ll vote, but there’s no point this time around,” says one student. “I don’t like the choice of voting for the better of two evils”.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion or vote, the majority has spoken and has sent a clear warning to the new congressmen. The public is not afraid to vote them out for someone they feel will better represent them.

You could be a suspect..

The guests of an engagement party mysteriously begin to disappear and are later found dead – the only explanation is that the person responsible must be a guest themselves. How many people will die before the murderer is discovered?

This Friday, at 8:30 p.m., the drama club will be hosting a Murder Mystery night. The event will be held in the gym for all students who want to attend. Tickets can be bought in advance for $3 and for $5 at the door.

The theme of the night is an engagement party in the 1940’s for two of the characters. All guests will be served a spaghetti dinner, while they work to solve the mystery.

This is an interactive event where anyone who attends is considered a suspect, said T.C. Jones, who will be playing the role of Assistant Chief Detective Sam McDoody for the night. So in other words, come ready to participate in the suspense.

Jones said that in addition to solving the mystery he is looking forward to successfully pulling off a Scottish accent while playing his role.

The funds collected from this event will help support the drama club, so gather your detective gear or dress the part of a guest at a 1940’s dinner party. This will be a night you won’t want to miss.

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine…

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; One choked his little self, and then there were nine…

The weekend guests at Soldier Island arrived and started to settle in right when a dark, thundering voice coming from a gramophone in another room lists the horrendous offences of each guest and hints at their looming fate.

Each was dumbfounded as to where the voice came from and who sent them to the island. The story got even more interesting when the characters discover there’s no way off the mysterious island. The performance was a non-stop thrill as each character was murdered in the exact pattern of the nursery rhyme Ten Little Soldier Boys.

The audience was biting their nails at the last scene as Vera Claythorne, played by Naomi Ramsay, stood alone on stage– the last one alive.

Gasps across the whole auditorium could be heard as Judge Laurence Wargrave (Travis Graham), whom everyone thought was dead, walked across the stage coolley in his silk robe carelessly swinging a noose in his hand.

“Silence in the court!… I can’t spoil my lovely rhyme. My ten little soldier boys. You’re the last one. One little soldier boy left all alone. He went and hanged himself and then there were none. I must have my hanging—my hanging–.”

Just then Vera’s love interest Phillip Lombard (Anthony Moore), who turned out to be merely wounded, gets up and kills the mad judge and ends the weekend nightmare once and for all.

Don’t miss the Drama Club’s next bone-chilling performance next Friday at the first Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. Time and location are to be announced.