¡Woes! of cafe food

In most high schools and middles schools, lunches are the best period for those who do not like to sit in the classroom. In fact, lunch time, depending on the school and the type of food offered, is the hardest time for teachers to keep their students engaged. Here at TFC, there isn’t a set aside schedule for lunch, except the hours in which the dining hall is opened, and compared to years before, the food tastes much better. Yet, the quality and consistency of food lately should be called into question.

 I have watched students leave after their peers had described the menu to them. I remember walking out of the dining room myself, frustrated, simply wanting something to eat, but none of the food was appetizing.

Sunday lunch, one of the best meals of the week, was recently served with undercooked meat and leftovers revamped by adding gravy on top. There have been quite a few times when we don’t have milk for cereal or when popular sodas and fruit juices vanish for days. Not to mention, the lines this year, compared to last year, have been much longer.   

They attempt to serve us and explain the reasons for much of my complaints. “We can only do so much. We have to be able to serve everyone accordingly. Not all people are like you who enjoy spices in their meals. Some have health issues that we have to consider, so we don’t cook with salt. You have it on your table to add as much as you want,” said head chef Tony.

He’s right. They do try. They attempt to interact with, understand and appease us. Many of Aramark food servers are typically willing to converse with us. In fact, most students know and speak to employees, such as Miss Mary, Kia, Crystal and Tony. There are also online surveys to voice our likes and dislikes and to suggest requests so don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the work they do for us! There is, however, always room for improvement. And I won’t be content until I can be proud of eating in the school dining hall, wherein my fellow peers and I are paying for meals.

I won’t be happy until the quality of our food is consistent, and not only on the days that we have special visitors!