WIM’s “A Night With Jane Austen”

Last Saturday night female students hiked up to the Terrace Commons with their fuzzy slippers and mugs for a pajama party with Jane Austen– an event organized by WIM (Women’s Intentional Ministries).

The featured films of the night were Sense and Sensibility- a tale of two sisters, who both find love in a new town after enduring tragedy; and Emma- a comedy of manners about a spoiled rich girl, Emma, who loves to play matchmaker.

“Awe…” and “Ugh, he’s so creepy!” were what many girls were saying during the night as they were swept up in the 19th century romances.

However, it wouldn’t have been a slumber party without chocolate!

As the girls snuggled up on the couches, they snacked on muffins, chocolate cake, no-bake cookies, and Co-chair Rachel Gruber’s downright decadent chocolate chip,  cheesecake cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache icing!

“It was fun and relaxing just to hang out with girls,” said Brooke Greene.

WIM’s next girl-time get-together is a on October 14 in the Letourneau lobby. Come and enjoy some coffee and delicious snacks made by the WIM girls!