What Really Matters…?

Dwelling over the question that haunts every man and woman at some point in the course of their lives, I cannot help but think of all of the people that have given explanations to what really matters.

 Kid Cudi said that being real is what matters. Dustin Kensrue sang that it is a hard headed woman. Christ told his people that it is relationship with the Father. My grandmother told me, when I was a child, that following your heart and remembering family is what counts.

Who is right? Who has it all figured out? Who knows what really matters?

Maybe what is vital is the struggle with the question. Maybe what counts is the moment in time in which you find yourself; in college, in your late teens or early twenties, searching for something substantial, whether that is Christ or something else.

Could it be that what is significant is the choice to find out what is significant in your life? Maybe what really matters isn’t the answer to the question, because the answer has already been answered. Perhaps what really matters is the struggle, wrestling with the question. For it’s in the brawling people truly find what it is that’s important.

As followers of Jesus, Christians adhere to this liberation that Christ offers, from a sinful condition and from a life of separation from the Most High. Paul has written, in Romans 8, that the only “boundary” before us, the boundary for who we choose to be or what we choose to do, is our pursuit of Him. If this is the case, then what is important? If our only boundary is the pursuit of Christ, the quest of becoming Christ-like, what is actually relevant in this life? We are all intelligent enough to understand that it is not the clothes, money, cars or whatever is popping into our heads as reading this. I wonder, however, if we are intelligent enough to realize it is not the level of education one attains, or the type of descriptive language that one uses. The fact of the matter is, if pursuing Jesus is our only boundary, then everything else that matters, whatever it may be, hinges on that pursuit. Perhaps the answer could be, whatever really matters to us is what matters as long as that which matters is bound in that pursuit.