Students Run 5K

On Saturday mornings, many people are sleeping. There are some who may go to work, but rarely do people wake up early in the morning to run 3.1 miles. This past Saturday, however, while the grass was still glistening from morning dew and the fog was just beginning to settle, a group of 15, including alumni, teachers and students met at the bell for a morning run with TFCs cross-country runners.

Leading the group at 8 a.m. was Jeremiah Mcduffie. For the most part, the course was simple. They started by the bell and headed down the hill towards the eagle. The confusing part was when they began to go through the wooded area near the Christian Education building, and then pass the flood plains.  To help guide, however, there were arrows on the ground and people to direct the runners until they reached the finish line by the bell.

At the end of the race, the runners were pleased to be able to endure the race, as well as spend time with one another.