Students Ready for a Break

“No school!” replied senior Jessica Beadles, when asked what she was most looking forward to about Fall Break.

It may only be two extra days off, but that is two less days that students have to go to classes and they are not complaining.

With only a brief break, some students don’t get the privilege of going home, because home is more than just a few hours away. There are, however, some lucky students who do.

Beadles’ home is in Milledgeville, GA, only a few hours drive from the school. She plans on going home to spend time with her family over the break and enjoy sleeping in.

“I’m ready just to get off campus for a while,” Beadles added.

Others have a little father to travel, but are making it well worth the distance. Senior Vannessa O’Steen found a cheap plane ticket to fly her home to Orlando, Florida for a few days. On top of seeing her family and hometown friends, O’Steen will be spending one of her days off at Sea World’s new water park “Aquatica.”

“I’m also excited for Florida weather again,” she said.

Some student athletes like Dustin Howell, don’t have much of a choice where they go this weekend. He said the soccer team will travel to Tennessee twice over the break; however, after his recent injury to his ankle, Howell said he is just looking forward to being able to play with the team again.

Regardless of where the weekend will take them, all students are anxious for Fall Break in one way or another. Having no classes seem reason enough for most.