Men’s prayer retreat

This past weekend the TFC students held a prayer retreat at Camp Hawkins, where several were able to spend a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of school and campus life in order to spend quality time with God.  

Youth Pastor and former TFC student Josh Taylor facilitated the men, where some were able to reach deep into God’s word and better understand His will. “God literally spoke to me through the wind,” says sophomore Michael Laffey. “I put my bible down and this good size gust of wind came through and opened my bible to the place where God had been speaking to me. He gave me answers to prayers that I had been praying for, and that was refreshing to me.”

Another way God revealed himself to those who went on the retreat was through worship. “Because we had forgotten the hand drum on campus, Phalec Silien used a garbage can for drums,” said Jon Oliveras. Despite the minor setback, the men persevered and were able to continue to worship God through creatively using an instrument normally used for holding trash as a way to praise and worship the Lord.

Although not everyone shared the same experiences, talk to those who attended the prayer retreat and hear their testimonies. It might be just what one needs to hear this week .