Candy, Floats …and Journey?

When you were sleeping in last Saturday morning, you might have been awakened by the noise of children laughing and 80’s classic music pounding in car speakers… That was the TFC annual homecoming parade!

Students from the drama club, paradise mountain ministries, married student association, and tons of other groups worked on their floats all week and stocked up on enough candy for kids to snack on for months!

One float in particular that stole the attention from graduates was the senior class float “Last of the 80’s.” As the last generation born in the “awesome 80s,” they rocked out to the classic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and wore neon, side ponies, and cool shades.

Other crowd favorites were the Outdoor Club’s horse and buggie float, the Hmong Student Fellowship’s walking dragon, the Pre-Med Club’s operating room float, and the Junior class float “Big Kids on the Block.”

The kids also got to wave to the beautiful homecoming court ladies and the queen herself, Leann Peppers, as she rode by in a red convertible.

When the parade was over the kids ran all over the streets and collected more candy than they could handle. The morning was definitely one of the most exciting parts of the homecoming weekend.