Alumni vs. TFC Basketball team: Who will win?

“It’s the main attraction of the homecoming weekend,” said Chris Grover, 2010 TFC graduate, when referring to the Alumni vs. student basketball game.

This Friday at 6:30 p.m. the TFC men’s basketball team will take on the TFC Alumni team for the anxiously awaited for homecoming game.

“It is usually one of the most highly attended games of the year,” Grover said.

As a recent TFC graduate, this will be the first year that Grover switches over from the student side to join the alumni. Regardless of which team he plays on, Grover said “there is nothing like playing in front of a rowdy crowd.” Not to mention, the alumni team is usually more favored by the fans at this game than the students are, he adds.

The alumni team may be the crowd favorite, but they don’t always come out on top. In fact, Grover said that in all the years he played for TFC, the students have always won. However, he hopes for a close enough game where the fans have to pick sides. “That always makes it intense and fun to be a part of,” Grover said. Last year the students won by just a few points.

Although Grover was once a star player on the team, he said that since graduation, playing basketball has been hard to keep up with it. But occasionally he will shoot around at the gym, at church or even play a few games at UGA’s athletic center. So how will Chris play out at this weekend’s game?

“I have faith in myself,” he said. “That I’ll go in there and make a few three pointers.”

Although Grover misses playing basketball, it’s more than just the game that he misses.

“It’s the relational aspect of it – hanging out with the team on road trips, in the dorms and just building relationships with those guys…I miss those times with my teammates the most,” Grover said.

The homecoming game is a big event for the entire school. Grover sees it as a “reunion of some sort.” Former TFC students will get a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new students to share in the excitement of homecoming weekend.

Grover said he’s “looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully sneaking out of there with a victory!”