Eagles Take the Win and Homecoming Queen Crowned

For those who were not at the alumni game and crowning of the homecoming queen this past Friday, they can consider themselves unfortunate, because it was a heck of a night!

The game itself was taut with back and forth scoring by our Eagles and the alumni team. However, youth and vigor shown through and our Eagles took the win over alumni and the bragging rights for another year.

After the game, the mood altered to one of royalty and majesty. It could only be the 2010 homecoming crowning. Escorted by either family or friends, the homecoming ladies looked beautiful.

First out was last year’s queen, Meghan Pasquariello, who was then followed by the homecoming class representatives. Representing the freshman class was Katherine Borderud, for the sophomores was Amanda Ferrell, and for the juniors was Suzanne Plyler. Afterwards, the senior nominees for homecoming queen took the stage: Alyse Walker, Emily Land, Leeann Peppers and Jesy Cordle.

After a few technical difficulties, the winner was announced; this year’s homecoming queen is Leeann Peppers! With a look of genuine surprise, Peppers was crowned and a copious amount of photos were taken of her and the others who were a part of homecoming court.

It was a memorable night for those present and a great start to the Homecoming weekend!