Weekend at Stone Mountain


There could not have been a more beautiful labor day weekend- 83 degrees, cloudless skies, and Dippin’ Dots.

To kick off the year over eighty TFC students headed to Stone Mountain Park Saturday with a picnic in hand. Some conquered the mountain by hiking 825 feet to the top, while others relaxed on the lawn and got to know each other.

“It was a really great way to meet new people,” Becca Dawson, a freshman, said. RA’s from Fant, Letourneau, and Forrest planned this campus-wide event so that their students could get to know each other as well as the upperclassman.

“I talked to people I normally don’t get to talk to,” Rachel Gruber, a junior, said, “but the concert…very interesting… yeah we’ll just leave it at that.” It was obvious that most students didn’t appreciate the country music culture.

That evening students laid back and enjoyed a fireworks and laser show displayed on the face of the mountain- the perfect end to a successful first trip for the student body.