Walk in the Light: “LZ 4 Lyfe!”

Their eyes are closed, their heads are bowed, and their hearts are open as they prepare for the ministry that lies before them.

 Around 5:30 every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, a small, but dedicated, group of TFC students prepare to engage the middle and high school students in Toccoa through an outreach ministry of Campus Community Church called LightZone (LZ).

LZ began in the mid 90’s because a need was seen—a need to disciple the teens of Toccoa. These are teens that often come from broken homes and don’t go to church. Therefore, LZ is a place where teens can learn about who God is and what He has done for us in the Person of Jesus Christ. LZ is “loving the kids to Christ by being the Church. In a sense, for them, LZ is church” says Jessica Kerr.

While most aspects of LZ have stayed the same over the years, such as holding high school LZ at the Boys and Girls Club and using a traditional game-to-lesson-to-snack layout, several things have changed recently. For one, long standing disciples, Caleb Fox and Amber Davies, have passed on the torch. Secondly, the Boys and Girls club is no longer an option for high school. It is now being held at the KOG.

 Overall, despite all the changes, the Lord has provided immensely through finances and by bringing His servants to do His will, which has been a desperate prayer request among the LZ staff. God is also planting seeds and softening the kid’s hearts through us. For example, although many teens stopped going to LZ because of pressure from their peers, they still came for Bible study (deeper discipleship).

 True Christians are being born! The staff hopes that someday the teens that learned about Christ in LZ would give back by sharing in the ministry themselves.

What the staff has to say about LZ:

“LZ as a whole is a really difficult ministry. It’s not for the faint of heart. It can be very discouraging because there is so little visible fruit. But the little bits of fruit–like when the teens illustrate that they are connecting with us and listening by asking us questions–makes it worth it.” -Jessica Kerr

“It’s challenging, but you love it.” -Shannon White

“LZ is solely the most demanding ministry I have ever been a part of in my life. A lot of times I feel as though I am not getting anywhere with them. But I have to say that few people on this earth tug at my heart like these kids do—to the point where I honestly just can’t give up.”

Please keep LZ in your prayers. Things to pray for:
–God’s will to be done
–Christ to be seen, heard, and felt in us His representatives
–Sensitivity to the Spirit
–The softening of the kid’s hearts, an openness to hear the Truth
–That they would be able to see God move
–The fulfillment/progress toward accomplishing their goals: to give hope to the hopeless, plant seeds, reach out to every teen, and intentionally build relationships.