TFC’s got talent

Don Schaeffer and Brandon Pearce perform at SMF talent show

Saturday night, a large crowd of TFC students gathered together to watch their peers participate in the Student Missionary Fellowship’s (SMF) talent show.  The competition consisted of a wide variety of talent, such as cultural dancing, cooking, singing, acting, and stand-up comedy. “I was pleasantly surprised,” says senior Katie Nossick, “I really didn’t think there was that much talent on our campus.”

 After each competitor introduced their act, the judges deliberated who would win. According to Professor Jason Mehl, one of the judges, the decision was tough. Yet, Dean of Women, Debbie Moore, Professor Joyce Griffin and Mehl awarded Jon Wright runner-up and Hannah Segool and the duo Mang Khang and Judy Xiong with first place to share. Each of the winners received a prize for their hard work and display of confidence and talent.

 The behind the scene effort also helped to make SMF’s talent show successful though. “The [SMF] team as a whole was able to work together in setting up for the talent show,” says SMF fundraising coordinator Rachel Thorpe. Before the event, SMF’s Public Relationist Inna Cubara handled advertising and Prayer Band Leader Yeng Her, Head of SMF’s Interns Caroline Greene and SMF’s President Don Schaeffer kept in touch with the contestants. During the show, Kaelyn Watson, who was a volunteer, graced the stage as the MC, introducing the contestants, while Treasurer of SMF Shelby Hornsby and SMF’s Vice President Courtney Vickers were in charge of selling baked goods.  There was also SMF’s Worship Leader Willis Norman and volunteer Nathan Fitzgerald, who managed the technological equipment. 

 According to Thorpe, whether the efforts were on stage or behind scenes, the talent show was a success! SMF worked as a team to coordinate an event and accomplished getting many TFC students involved. If it was unclear before, TFC can be sure that they’ve got talent!