SYNERGY: a group of people coming together to become stronger than they were before. That’s the name and vision of Riverpoint Community Church’s new twenty-somethings ministry.

The desire for the ministry started a few years ago when Pastor Kevin Mangum, worship pastor Adam Downer, and student pastor Andy Stinespring sat on the steps of the church and discussed the need for the church to invest in college students. The vision for the ministry finally came when Andy’s good friend committed suicide at the young age of twenty-two.

Since then a group of TFC students who attend the church have been getting together to figure out how to reach students who are tired of being overlooked by the church and ready to incoporate works with their faith that make a difference.

Cassandra House, senior at TFC and leader of Synergy, says, “We have outgrown the confines of the protective space our colleges offer. We are ready to step up and I think we are seeking to be challenged.”

Synergy is about just that—building up the next generation of the church and helping them develop an authentic love for Jesus.

Last week River Point came to the TFC student lounge and put on a worship concert and gave out flyers for the kickoff service along with Ramen Noodles- a brilliant way to get students attention.

When Tuesday night came, students came, ate cookies and drank coffee and got to know each other in the café. The music team at the church played and students were encouraged to worship God in whatever way they felt most connected—singing along, reading verses, telling a testimony, etc.

“If God puts something on your heart, don’t rip us off. It could save someone’s life,” Andy said.

The goal is to get as many students from as many colleges as possible so they can develop a community of believers that have all sorts of perspectives on faith. “Synergy will only be what we make it and how we allow God to challenge and grow us. It is not a TFC idea and it doesn’t simply belong to one individual. Rather it is the response to an epidemic of apathy we all feel at times,” says House.

The group meets every Tuesday night at 7:50 in the café and the service starts at 8:30 in the main sanctuary. It is located in Cornelia, Georgia, just twenty minutes away. TFC student leaders are also available to give rides.