Funding’s the issue

As a student ambassador, we are trained to point out the positive of the school and not the negative because the negative will point itself out. There more than plenty of positive aspects to this school.  For example, the schools historic sight of the waterfall and the legend of Toccoa, the Indian princess. There is also the history of TFC, such as the flood in 1977, in which the town of Toccoa along with other organizations came to its rescue. Yet as students attend TFC and figure out where they want to spend their ministry time, some lack the funding, for instance, the student run radio station WTRX 89.7, The Eagle.

“Oh, we have so little money,” says the station manager Jason Tepp. Mr. Tepp has many goals that he would like to achieve before he graduates from TFC, such as update most of the equipment, to include a kill switch that will power off the station from its actual location, rather than cutting it off by the satellite near little falls, etc.

This makes me a little concerned that our school would promote a ministry that lacks any funding.

To further investigate the matter, I spoke to David Gruen the vice-president of finances. “I actually have a budget for them. We’ve spent about $1,045 last year between both stations on this campus, to pay for the rights to play songs on the air, and some for student salary and some expense,” says Gruen.  

According to the chair of the Department, Curt Wanner, however, he wants “the radio station to be an all school radio station, not a Communication Department radio.” Although he does not know how to solve the issues with the lack of funding, “we are a non- commercial station, we want to be a growing and relevant college radio station that is growing with the school,” says Wanner.

When I ask some students if they listen to the station, without hesitation, many say no.

However, how many do actually listen to the station, and how do they keep count? Tepp and Wanner say, “we are trying to come up with strategies to be a relevant station that students consistently listen to.” Furthermore, on average, the station has about 5 to 10 listeners accounted via internet in all of its weekly shows. This does not include those who listen in their car though.

Regardless of the popularity of the station on campus, the facts still remain. Many students who are involved with the station do not have funding to accomplish their goals. Therefore, all parties a part of this ministry need to take charge and add a bit of funding to help make the station worthwhile for the school’s student body, who are interested.