Back to the 70’s

“Come dressed in your best hippie attire,” said Public Relations Coordinator for SGA Mandi Howlett.

This Friday, “Peace at the Pond”, this year’s Back to School Bash, will transform campus and students into a scene from the 70’s.

Beginning at 9 p.m. immediately following the men’s soccer game, food, games and competitions will be taking place down by the pond on campus.

“The whole atmosphere was transformed,” said Howlett as she reminisced on Back to School Bash night from years past.

The theme for the event is determined each year by the Social Life Committee, but this year credit can specifically go to Lori Civitts, a member of the committee. In the past, the themes have been things such as a toga party and a luau, and they wanted to come up with something fun and unique.

Some of the events taking place will be a cake walk, volleyball tournament, a best-dressed competition and ultimate twister. This particular activity requires students to come with teams, prepared to play and first prize will win a $50 gift certificate. You can also go to the SGA website and vote for which members of SGA you want on a team to compete against.

According to Stephen Henriques, Social Life Director of SGA, they put together the Back to School Bash each year because, “it helps to build community and lets people get to know others on campus that they may not come in contact with on a daily basis.” He said they’ve really dedicated themselves this year to providing students with different events that will help them more benefit from the college experience and the community.

All students and faculty are encouraged to dress in their hippie attire all day, or you can come with a white t-shirt to tie-dye at the party. Howlett said that one of her favorite parts about this event is getting to see everyones’ unique outfits.

Overall, “Peace at the Pond” will be a time for students to go back a few decades and put college work behind you for a night. “Depending on how involved you want to get, come prepared to get messy,” Howlett said.