A year like no other

Last school year, many Toccoa Falls College students went home after finals. Some filled with joy to finally receive their Bachelor degree. Others excited for their summer missions trip or for entering the work force for a chance to better the world around them. Returning TFC students, however, didn’t have to think about where they were going. For former Wesley College students though, this was not the case.

Wesley College’s Board of trusties decided to close the school due to a 3 million dollar debt, thus leaving several hundred students without a school to call home or a chance to  finish what God had called them to do. Upon receiving the news, President Gardner took a trip down to Mississippi to talk with President Gilmore of Wesley College. With the help of the Admissions office, TFC has been able to extend a helping hand to those wanting to continue their education. For one year, Wesley transfers will be allowed their financial aid and tuition, as if they were attending Wesley, to assure a smooth transition.

All-in-all, TFC has made a year like no other for Wesley College students–a year of hope. It’s reflected on many faces as they make new friends, are challenged by new professors, and explore a new environment. As Dr. Forrest’s dream of educating young Christian men and women to serve the world sheds light to many returning TFC students, that dream is extended to Wesley students as well, who can now call TFC their home.