Writing, art, and music with the Epicentre

The Epicentre is a publication of student works, designed and published by students.

These works can include pretty much anything…but there is a specific list: poetry, short stories/short fiction works such as character sketches, song lyrics and/or sheet music, creative nonfiction articles, short excerpts from novels, excerpts of scripts (plays), and artwork (includes photography/pictures of works not on paper, like sculptures; sketches/drawings in mediums such as pencil, pen, oils, etc…and paintings/pictures of paintings).

Here is a little historical background on the Epicentre:

The magazine started out rather well with a full staff, annual (and sometimes bi-annual) publications, plans for the future, and odd traditions like always putting *a goondiwindi production* on the back of magazines. Previous editions of the Epicentre are displayed in the library. For the most part, things have remained the same, including the goodiwindi tradition that Chief Editor Lynanne Rueda, has decided to keep despite not knowing what goondiwindi is supposed to imply.

Sadly, the once over-flowing abundance of staff members is no longer existent with the Epicentre. While the Epicentre has not fared so well during the past few years due to a general lack of participation, the magazine is still running and looking forward to publishing this year’s edition during the first week or two of next semester (fall). Students can submit work(s) they would like published in the magazine, then the material submitted will be reviewed by the entire staff and accepted based on the Epicentre Forum.

Get involved soon because there isn’t much time left. Submissions need to be in by April 15th. Keep in mind that staff members are always welcome.

On a final note, if anyone is interested in purchasing last year’s magazine there are still copies available. Contact Lynanne at lynannerueda@tfc.edu if you’re interested.