Students respond to chapel changes

This week, the administration put together a chapel-trial suggested by the Chapel Task Force.

Monday’s chapel included all praise and worship music.  For Tuesday’s chapel, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Barbara Bellefeuille, spoke.  On Wednesday, TFC Trustee Dr. Jeff Norris spoke, and on Thursday, students could either attend their Barnabas groups, or go to chapel and listen to Sarah Shell, missionary in residence, give her testimony.

The chapel-trial could possibly be the new structure for next year’s chapels, so it is important to know students’ thoughts of the system.

Lora Lei Mantooth, a freshman at TFC and chapel attendee, was enthusiastic about the change:

“I love it!  I am most excited about having more praise and worship time.  I think it is a good time to seek the heart of the Lord and a great way to start the week.  As for the chapel speakers, I like having a biblical perspective from professors other than those in the Bible and Theology department.”

Josh Spangler, sophomore chapel attendee, had a few insightful ideas:

“I like the change.  In the old chapel system, we didn’t give enough time to the Lord.  Rather than having speaker after speaker, I think it is good that we are taking special time to praise the Lord.  This new chapel system brings a sense of community, but it needs more structure.  I also think they should ask the students what they think about the change, since most professors do not attend chapel.”

Katie Boss, a junior at TFC and a member of one of the worship teams, gave some advice and insight to the behind-the-scene work of worship teams:

“I like the system now, but I also like the idea of change.  It is a good change, but it is not a change that will throw people off.  Overall, it is more of an organized system.  For Monday’s praise and worship, though, there will definitely be a need for more preparation.  It is a good idea to have a plan, but being flexible is good also.  As for the speakers, I like the fact that it will give more perspectives.  Last week, we had a few of the Bible and Theology professors speak on wisdom, and then this week we had Dr. Bellefueille speak.”

If anyone else has suggestions, concerns, or comments, feel free to post them.