Seniors deal with end-of-year stress

As the semester comes to a close, the work load is piling up – along with the stress – for seniors preparing to graduate.

Combining senior papers with all of the other assignments we like to call “busy work,” it doesn’t take much more to get overwhelmed.

Music majors are finishing up senior recitals, other departments had to overcome senior orals, and almost everyone has spent hours upon end working on a senior paper.  Needless to say, they are all ready for the work load to come to a halt.

According to biology major Katie Greer, the professors in her department more than prepared her for what was in store for this semester.  “In comparison to what we have had to do and what a lot of us will have to do in Med-school, they aren’t over the top assignments,” she said.

Not everyone has the same opinion, however.  Many people need planners and post-its with them wherever they go just to remember day-to-day activities.  India Ward, a music major, explained how in order to get everything done she has to take it all one thing at a time.  “I try to deal with my stress by just remembering that there will be a day I look back on all of this and it will be completely over,” she added.

As a teacher education major, Sarah Jones has spent the last semester off campus student teaching.  Also working to put her portfolio together, and looking for a future job, Jones claimed that things have been pretty busy the last couple months.  “But I know when it’s finally time for graduation I’m going to be sad that it’s all over,” she added.

All  projects and presentations aside, graduation is right around the corner. Seniors will be walking across the stage before they know it, where diplomas await their grasp and a new chapter of life begins.