Student’s raise concern over dismissed employees

Released female counselor reinstated after TFC students express concern.

On Feb. 12, the Toccoa Falls College administration announced they were applying financial cuts to help maintain a balanced budget.

According to Dr. Wayne Gardener, TFC president, many institutions in Georgia are facing financial difficulties, not just Toccoa Falls.  He mentioned that it is imperative to budget expenses in order to remain financially stable” in times like this. “Don’t spend it, if you don’t have it,” he said.

Among the financial cuts, however, 12 out of 200 full time and part time employees were released or given reduced hours.  One of the released was Brenna Vickers, a counselor on the Toccoa Falls Campus.

Since she was the only female counselor on campus, according to resident assistant Ginelle Gordon, many students, especially females, were concerned about Vickers’ release.

Gardener said when the decisions were made, “we tried not to affect the students in any way, and we didn’t, except in the case with Brenna Vickers.” Gardener explained that he had been in this situation before, except that, last time, he was the one let go.

After hearing the students concerns, on Mar. 9, President Gardener announced in a chapel service that Brenna Vickers had been reinstated.  Gordon mentioned that she was very happy to hear that Vickers was given her job back and that the administration had heard the students’ concern.

The students were not the only ones affected though.  This was a personal loss for the administration as well.  These are our friends,” Gardener said, “and under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have done this.”