Snow impacts class schedules

A constellation of white, fluffy snowflakes began to descend from the thick, gray sky.  They clustered on the limbs of trees and on the tops of cars. With tips barely showing, the grass was lightly coated and the roads were covered in snow that quickly turned into slush.

Last Tuesday, Toccoa Falls College administration announced their decision to cancel classes via WRAF radio station and the TFC website due to a wintry weather mix.

Logan Seckinger enjoyed the day off.  “I had a research paper to write, so I didn’t even get to play in the snow,” she said.

Tuesday classes, especially night classes, however, suffered from the cancellation.  Dr. Barbara Bellefeuille, the Academic Dean, mentioned that professors, who teach Tuesday and Thursday classes lost a class and a half worth of teaching time and were concerned about making up the loss.

The Administration, therefore, decided to use May 6, marked as a study day in the TFC calendar, as a make-up day.

“But students should not be worried, the day was already there,” Dr. Bellefeuille said, “we are using the study day as a make-up day, as was originally intended in case of snow.”