A much-needed break

Laying out by the beach, sun beating down on your face, sand between your toes.  This describes what many students will be experiencing in just a few days.  Spring Break is right around the corner and everyone is getting antsy.  But not all students have the perfect beach getaway planned for their week.  However, regardless of their agenda, not having to go to class or do homework is enough to get excited about.

After asking several students what the week had in store for them, many were quick to confess that a sandy beach was calling their name.  Chris Grover, a senior, joyfully shared that his destination was Cocoa Beach, FL “because I need the beach and the sun on my face,” he said.  Sophomore Anna Long, expressed her concern for whether or not it will be warm enough down in Fort Myers, where she will be spending her Spring Break, but said that despite the weather, she is looking forward to just relaxing.

Although a number of students were happy to tell of their coastal destinations, Sophomore Lindsay Herndon will be going to Florida for a different reason.  She will be going with the Toccoa Falls Choir, touring parts of South Georgia and Florida throughout the week.  Herndon said she is most looking forward to singing at her home church and getting to stay with some of the other girls at her home in Coffee County, GA.

And then you have some people who steer away from Florida completely.  Sarah Beth Adams, a sophomore, is excited to go backpacking in the mountains of North Carolina, with 15 other students from the Outdoor Leadership Department.  Adams said they will be “learning how to fully rely on both God and the skills He’s blessed us with.”

In addition to these things, some students are using this time to go home and visit family.  It will be nice to “just do nothing,” noted Allison Gibson, a sophomore, headed home to Virginia.

Essentially, everyone agreed that it didn’t really matter what they were doing, as long as they weren’t at school.  Whether in the sunshine on the beach or in the comfort of home, the week will be a time for all students to just get away from, as Grover put it, “stressful college life”.