24/7 Prayer stresses freedom and joy

I always find myself looking forward to 24/7 because it is a special time that has been set aside to intentionally seek the Father—one full week of unbroken prayer. One of the cool things about 24/7 is that it is part of a nationwide picture—campuses across the nation are involved. Each campus chooses a week or two of the year to pray for 24 hours each day with the hope of “achieving” an entire year of unbroken prayer.

But I’m not the only one who looks forward to 24/7. Sophomore Natalie Hawkins, who has now been involved with 24/7 Prayer four semesters, expressed “I’d like to have it more often; I love it. It’s one of my favorite times in the semester!” The nearly filled sign up sheets also attest to people’s sentiments about 24/7 which took place this past week.

The theme this semester was freedom and joy, hopefully with the result of a pure heart. Although people didn’t need to pray just for those things—people could pray for personal issues, friends, working out things with God, etc.—prayers for freedom and joy were encouraged. Those who took the time to set up 24/7 felt as though this theme was particularly relevant to our campus in reflection of the freedom and joy being poured out by the student body from healing (last semester’s theme).

In this time, the Lord glorified himself in his revelations, his joy, his healing and his freedom. He also blessed the school with the privilege of seeing him glorified through others. The willingness of students to go out of their dorms in the early hours of morning (2-5am) to spend time with God in the prayer tent, for example, was a blessing in its simple beauty.

Of course, the opportunity to glorify the Lord in prayer is here all the time. We just need to seize it. As Hawkins put it, “Just because we don’t have 24/7 all the time doesn’t mean that we can’t still have 24/7 prayer.”