Toccoa Wonderland

Splat!! Ricky Spaulding’s snowball hits the back of TFC teacher Mark Koser by the LeTourneau parking lot, then Ricky starts running to his car as Koser attempts to catch up and open the door to return the favor. Friday February 12, the TFC campus was washed with beautiful, fluffy snow. Students, with no worries of classes the next day, took to the sidewalks and parking lot, ready to get in touch with their inner child. Jairus Spurlock, a Floridian who has barely seen snow in his life, was excited to make a snowball, “dude, this is so much fun!” he said while running from a incoming snowball from Andrew Ether.

The baseball team took to their trucks as Palmer Wood attempted to recruit other snowball fighters to jump in the back of the trucks and attack other students. “We nailed those baseball players by the garden by grace chapel. You should have seen their faces!! They were so shocked,” Tyler Taylor said of himself and some friends. Then they ran back into the garden to hide from the baseball players’ trucks.

Further down the campus, Earl Field was both a playground and a battle field. Some students ran from their friend’s snowballs while others huddled around each other for safety. There was no safe place from a snowball to come across your face or body, as Chris Carroll expressed his frustration “This guy came out of nowhere and hit me on my left temple, and ran away!” The snow made for a memorable afternoon and many students hope for another day of fun in the snow, maybe a rematch before the spring comes.