The Toccoalympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are here, and Fant decided to get psyched up and ready for the events by hosting their own version, appropriately labeled the Toccoalympics. “Originally we were going to watch Cool Runnings and then watch the opening ceremony, but we thought it’d be too much tv,” Ginelle Gordon explained. “So we just decided on being competitive and active instead!”

The idea seemed to be a hit with so many girls participating in the games and showing team support—as Jamaica (First Floor), Norway (Second Floor), and Djibuti (Third Floor) will tell you. Some went all out, dressing up in their country’s color (“team uniforms”), creating slogans, and even making flags. Miranda Cooper designed and constructed the medals—saran-wrapped cardboard with ribbon—and the impressive Torch using her craft skills. 

The Toccoalympics had 4 games on the line-up: Wacky Wrestling (“It’s an indoor winter event!” defended Gordon), Broom Hockey, Cross-Country Skiing, and Figure Skating. Initially, bobsledding was also considered as a possibility. The plan was to put a cardboard box onto a skateboard, have people climb in, and steer as they sped down a hill. “Bobsledding was vetoed, sadly. I can’t imagine why,” Gordon stated humorously after her explanation of “the plan.”

Wacky Wrestling involved two intense rounds in which players attempted to rip each of the four pieces of paper taped to their opponents back off. The second round began after two minutes were up. This round was more challenging because competitors had to stay inside the “circle of death.” The event was so intense that only Meghan Pasquariello and Ginelle Gordon made it into the second round. Gordon comments about her victory over Pasquariello with a laugh, “I was just surprised that I beat Meghan. She’s a beast.”

The next event, Broom Hockey, was by far the most dangerous. The first broom broke within 30 seconds, and not a single broom was left intact by the championship game. Second floor came in first in this event with Third floor in second and first floor in third.  Next on the line up was Cross-Country Skiing. In this event competitors used ropes to lift up planks of wood beneath their feet. This was particularly challenging because competitors had to work in synch with their teammates and attempt to outrace their opponents. Finally the Figure Skating competition finished the Games with Aly Whipple and Carrie Lyman (First floor) taking the gold. Congratulations to everyone involved—it was a great turn out!