Just Another Day?

To many people, Valentine’s Day is an eagerly anticipated holiday. To others, it might just be the most hated holiday of the year.  Believe it or not, a day of the year completely devoted to love and relationships is not everyone’s idea of a holiday.  Then of course, you have those who really just don’t care about it one way or the other.  After asking different students on campus, there appear to be people on all ends of the spectrum.

Those with significant others on February 14th, typically appreciate the holiday a little bit more.  They see it as a time when they can tell their boyfriend or girlfriend how much they love and care about him or her.

“I personally know that I rarely ever tell my boyfriend how much he means to me,” said Anna Taylor, “So this Valentine’s Day I am making sure he hears how much I love him.”  For students like Taylor, who anticipate the day to relish over their special person, plans range from a simple dinner and a movie, to a full day of events with each other.  India Ward said that her and her boyfriend have decided to split the day.  “I get to decide how we’ll spend the first half of the day, and then he’s going to surprise me with something to do in the evening,” she said.

Undoubtedly though, there are also those who have gotten the chance to experience Valentine’s Day with the person they love, and still don’t seem to appreciate it.  “Useless holiday” are the words used by one student when asked for his opinion on Valentine’s Day.  “There is way too much pressure to worry about what to get your girlfriend to show you love them on just one day,” he said, “this should be done everyday.”  Because of this, some couples have agreed to veto gifts on Valentine’s Day altogether, and said that a cute card and dinner will more than suffice.

If you don’t get to share Valentine’s Day with your significant other, you generally have a different opinion of it.  Some people dread the day far in advance, and eagerly seek out the company of other single people for the night.  Others say they really just don’t care.  “It’s just another day in my life,” said Ashley Ziegler.

One student suggests that those who are single and complain about Valentine’s Day often use the holiday to flaunt how much happier they are being single; for many this may be true. Yet, she feels that this is also very frequently used as a cover to “hide their desire for a meaningful and healthy relationship.”  And this type of relationship is what those who have one get to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.