Extra Motivation

Between classes, homework, and jobs, finding extra time to workout seems almost impossible.  Staying motivated enough to stick with it is another issue entirely.

This semester, however, working out seems to have moved up on the list of things students are making time for.  And they aren’t simply sticking to gym memberships either.  Student’s who work out do things from dorm-wide workouts, to the infamous P90x series.  Regardless of what they’re doing, it seems that everywhere you turn, you hear about someone else spending their free time working out.  There are certainly worse things, right?

To Junior Sarah Saburro, there is nothing better.  Saburro is one of several TFC students who have joined the Toccoa YMCA.  However, her workout schedule may be a little more intense than most.  She goes to the gym for about three hours every day but Sunday.  An obvious reason for exercise would be to lose weight or stay in shape, but Saburro claims that, “being healthy and in shape is just a plus. I just enjoy working out,” she said. “It’s my Hobby.”  Saburro creates her own work outs for each week, combining cardio and lifting weights.

Although the gym is her primary form of exercise, she and others on campus have found that hiking and bike riding are also excellent workouts.  Saburro would personally like to start swimming more regularly as well.

Another thing students on campus are doing to stay in shape is the P90x workout.  Donovan Patterson is one junior who has taken on the challenge.  Along with about 15 others, girls and guys, Patterson meets in the racquetball room in the school gym every night to do P90x.  He said that at first they all expressed the desire to workout and after hearing several successful testimonies from other people who had done the program, they decided to try it for themselves.  For those who don’t know just what P90x is, Patterson said that it’s a 90 day program that combines small weights with your own body weight in work outs that will keep you toned, rather than bulk you up.

Although that seems to be working great for them, there are some girls who were looking for something a little less intense. At the beginning of the semester, Sophomore Brittney Wheeler began leading a group of girls from Letourneau Hall in work outs, upon request from her RD, Kathy Doan, who also joins in.  It was suggested they start working out as a dorm, and although unsure of participation and enthusiasm, it has been quite a success.

Two to three nights a week, girls from Letourneau and some from Fant come together in the dorm lobby and workout to either videos that they project onto the walls or to Wheeler’s instruction.  A favorite video for the girls is a Tae Bo video called Billy’s Bootcamp.

“Working out keeps me energized,” Wheeler said, expressing her enthusiasm. “It makes me feel good about life.”

These are just some of the ways students on campus have been able to stay in shape.  Whatever their motivation, these students have made it a priority to workout regularly, and all express how much better they feel after doing it.