Conquering the Mountain

The sky was clear and the slopes were in great condition, said Lydia Lofgren, a senior and member of the Outdoor Club, as she described the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort.

On Thursday afternoon, February 18, seven students from the Outdoor Club and Professor Cyd Quarterman, traveled to Mars Hill, North Carolina for an evening of skiing and snowboarding.

The students were able to receive exceptional rates, and when they arrived they saw that the slopes were relatively empty, allowing for “smooth sailing” throughout the night, claimed Sophomore Brandon Pearce, enthusiastically.

For some, goals for the trip were much higher than others.  Pearce said that he planned to land a 180 snowboarding before the night was over.  Brittney Miller, a freshman and first time snowboarder, on the other hand, was hopeful just to make it down the mountain.  By the end of the night, the 180 was mastered and to everyone’s amazement, Miller was soon going down the intermediate slopes with the rest of the group.  As Lofgren put it, “She conquered the mountain!”

Contrary to the last couple years that the Outdoor club has taken a ski trip, this year everyone came back injury free.  Nevertheless, most would attest that the fantastic evening was evidenced by sore muscles the next day.

The group enjoyed a day of fellowship with each other in the snow-covered mountains of Mars Hill, North Carolina.  They are already looking forward to their next trip and hope that more people will get a chance to experience it with them in the future.