Challenges and Schedules

It’s official: Intramural Volleyball is back! According to Tim Cooper, a player on The Unknown, the season has gone well since its official start up on February 9th. It seems that this year has been more challenging than last; there have been a lot of really close games. This makes sense when there are teams like Colossus and Akatsuki out there; virtually every male on Colossus is 6’4” or over, and the players on Akatsuki really know how to handle a volleyball. Thankfully other teams have skills up their sleeves as well and can take the heat!

Sadly, there is one issue that has been detrimental to the season: scheduling conflicts. In some cases, it has caused teams to forfeit because of not having enough members to fulfill the required slot of 6. There have been some exceptions to this where teams have played with only 5 members and won over a team with 6. As Tim Cooper puts it, “It’s still possible to win—just more of a challenge.”

Overall, the 40+ games that have been played so far have been enjoyable. Cooper notes, “People are having fun, which is the main thing. Everyone has a good spirit.”