Catching Fire

“You can’t do that!!!” followed by five rhythmic claps to express to the opponent that they, as fans, do not appreciate the foul committed. This weekend, men’s basketball had an opportunity to set all stats and past history aside by beating two very strong teams. Starting on Friday, the Eagles took the court against Wesley College.

From tip off, the Eagles were eager to play as they went on a 4-0 run. The dominance of the Eagles was heard all over the gymnasium as Jachim Wettstone performed his usual crowd pleasing blocks and the chant resounded, “you got swatted!” The game was paused for about twenty seconds to congratulate Jon Rychener on his record breaking 2000+ points. This is an amazing record, but the pause after the fourth basket was distracting and may have been better at half-time when the Eagles led the Warriors, 34-26. Nevertheless, the fans enjoyed that recognition and the volume increased with each basket made by the Eagles. The energetic crowd believed the men would win.

The second half was a completely different game than the first. The Eagles were supposed to be dominated by Wesley College, but somehow, they stayed ahead for a good portion of the game. Despite this, the men could not hold the lead. The chemistry of the first half was lost in the second, as some of the players rushed shots and were careless with the ball, finishing with 35 turnovers compared to the Warriors 16. This led to a disappointing final score of 77-60.

The next day’s match against Southeastern University was one for the history books. Toccoa Falls College has been plagued by losses to the Southeastern Fire in almost every sport. The first half was slow for the eagles. Towards the end of the half, Danny Snyder set the standard for what would take place in the second half by bringing the Eagles five points closer to the Fire’s lead aand ending the half at 32-27. In the second half, Jachim Wettstone swatted the fire out of the Fire and spread it to Jon Rychener who was, to put it simply, on fire as he scored 31 points and was 12/18 in field goal attempts. The crowd also caught a bit of that swatted fire, as they cheered the Eagles to a win. In the final seconds of the game, Wettstone dunked the ball to give the eagles a 73-70 lead and secure the win.