A Multi-Cultural Evening

The International Fair is a chance for Toccoa Falls College students, faculty, and the community to come together and experience the different aspects of many unique cultures.  It is also an opportunity for missionary organizations, Toccoa Falls students, and retired missionaries to motivate people to cross cultural-barriers and to see what God is doing in other parts of the world.

Tuesday night, directly following Ghassan Thomas’ discourse in Grace Chapel, the International Fair was held in the gymnasium.  A large crowd came for the mix of cultural food, dancing and experience.  Booths representing different countries were set up in the middle of the gym; allowing people to travel around and, literally, get a taste of each diverse culture.  Philippine representatives shared sticky rice, while those representing the Hmongs shared egg rolls.  Also, there was Arabian coffee from Lebanon, sushi from Japan, and shrimp crackers from Indonesia.  If anyone needed exercise after eating all of that tasty food, there were activities and games to play on the side, such as Chinese jump rope and Paraguayan Bate, Bate (pronounced ba‘te, ba’te). One of the biggest events of the night, was a unique and beautiful ensemble performed by the Hmong people. One of the dancers, Yeng Her explained, “Hmong dancing tells a story.” This story included many hand motions, decorative patterns and vibrant colors: blues, yellows, and pinks to tell a story of a couple expressing their love for one another.  Judging by the round of applause and whistling from the spectators, the performance was a crowd pleaser.

The students who attended the fair seemed to be satisfied with the event as a whole.  Breanna Shultz responded to the affair positively, saying, “The International Fair was a fun and tasteful experience,” while Rachel Thorpe added, “I liked it. I liked trying the different food and the dancing.” The International Fair was a great opportunity for students to fellowship, learn and practically travel the world, all in one night.