A Disappointing Weekend

The Lady Eagles Basketball team went 0-2 last weekend. The ladies did not have the fan support that the men did, and the crowd that was there did not have as much opportunity to cheer. The first half of the first game ended with the Lady Eagles being down only 26-44, but the Wesley College Warriors seemed to suck the life out of the team, as the Warrior coach sat on his sideline and saying, “take your time girls, we can do whatever we want.” The Warriors counted passes aloud before they accidently turned the ball over as if they were at practice. The Lady Eagles committed 28 turnovers ending the night with a 53-85 loss to Wesley.

The next day seemed more hopeful, as signs of team chemistry and leadership appeared in the match-up with Southeastern University. Once again, the ladies managed a close first half score, 21-38, but could not keep it through the second half. Some careless playing by the Eagles led to an increase in Southeastern’s lead.

The Lady Eagles lost the game with a final score of 48-66. Though it was a better result than the night before, the lack of unity and a clear leader was felt by fans who watched in sympathy as their team lost another game by double digit numbers.