Caffeinated Atmosphere

While working at the coffee shop, Josh Spangler adds creamer to a customer's cup of coffee

While working at the coffee shop, Josh Spangler adds creamer to a customer's coffee

Another exciting year has begun at TFC, and the student body has already noted several changes: new cafeteria design, new parking lot signs…and a fully operational coffee house that’s open every single day of the week. The coffee house is a place to go and hang out that’s essentially a replacement of the previous coffee hotspot on campus known as Frosty Joe’s. The general consensus: It’s a definite improvement from last year.

Not surprisingly, quite a few people on campus have taken a liking to the Coffee House. Sophomore Natalie Hawkins, states “I live in the Coffee House and the Prayer Room.” Students regularly stop by to socialize, do homework, read, or just take a study break and relax with a cup of coffee, tea, or Italian soda.

Whether studying or just hanging out with friends, students enjoy the feel of the coffee house. Sophomore Rebecca Weber commented, “It’s very comfy, it smells nice, and it’s artsy. I like the atmosphere.”

Tori Flenor and Steph Moore are two employes at the coffee house. Flenor loves working there and claims “There is no better place on campus to work” because  “it’s easy, laid back, and I get to learn about people and be involved with their lives. It feels like a Student Ministry.” Moore enjoys the “relaxed, easy-going, ‘European’… and fun” atmosphere while she is working.

Hawkins summed up the overall draw of the coffee house with the words, “It’s captivating—meaning it’s fun, enjoyable, and exciting all at the same time.”