A Solid Beginning

By: Allison Lockwood

With a crowd of Screaming Eagles in the stands, our ladies first played at 3 on Friday afternoon against Trinity and just a couple hours later went up against Clearwater.  After two unfortunate losses against those schools, the Lady Eagles pulled off two great wins on Saturday.  They faced Florida Christian and Trinity Baptist at 11 and 3 where they proudly came out on top.  They won both of these matches in just three sets.

The weekend was “a chance for us to get to see the teams that play in the South that we don’t usually play”, said Team Captain Kaylyn Roedding, a Junior.  “We play Trinity again on October 2nd, so that will be a really big game for us.”  She remembers the first play against Clearwater when “Bethany bombed the ball and got a kill.”

So far these ladies are off to a great start, 9-3 at this point in the season.  With another recent win on Tuesday against Atlanta Christian College, the Lady Eagles’ next match will be in Gainsville, GA on Friday, September 18th, against Brenau University.

A Day on the River

Last Saturday (September 12th) a small group of people set out bright and early—9:30am—to take a trip to middle Ocoii in Tenessee (about two in a half hours away) to go white water rafting. The trip cost forty dollars, and the following items had to be brought by each participant: a swimsuit and shorts, dry clothing, old tennis shoes, a towel, a water bottle, and sunscreen. Although they arrived at the site a little earlier than planned, it wasn’t a problem at all, because the “Princess girls”—Stephanie Gnizak, Janna Carroll, Amber Carter, Alyse Walker, and Christa Mann—provided entertainment by standing on a bench and having the group call out categories (lightest to darkest hair, lowest to highest GPA without talking) for them to organize themselves into. “It was hilarious,” Stephen Henriques commented while laughing. “They were all standing on a bench, so they had to hold on to one another so they wouldn’t fall off as they lined up in the right order.”

Soon afterward, the group ate lunch together. At around 12:30 they prepared to take on the rafting challenge by receiving basic directional and safety instructions, such as how to pull someone back into the tube if anyone were to fall out. Although it wasn’t a common occurrence, some people did “fall” out (some decided to jump out of their rafts), and, as Stephen can attest to, “pulling somebody back in is not as easy as [the guides] make it sound.” And although the group only spent about two hours on the water, Stephen still claimed that it was amazing and that he plans on going next year as well. All in all, it’s safe to say it was a fun and worthwhile trip.

Caffeinated Atmosphere

While working at the coffee shop, Josh Spangler adds creamer to a customer's cup of coffee

While working at the coffee shop, Josh Spangler adds creamer to a customer's coffee

Another exciting year has begun at TFC, and the student body has already noted several changes: new cafeteria design, new parking lot signs…and a fully operational coffee house that’s open every single day of the week. The coffee house is a place to go and hang out that’s essentially a replacement of the previous coffee hotspot on campus known as Frosty Joe’s. The general consensus: It’s a definite improvement from last year.

Not surprisingly, quite a few people on campus have taken a liking to the Coffee House. Sophomore Natalie Hawkins, states “I live in the Coffee House and the Prayer Room.” Students regularly stop by to socialize, do homework, read, or just take a study break and relax with a cup of coffee, tea, or Italian soda.

Whether studying or just hanging out with friends, students enjoy the feel of the coffee house. Sophomore Rebecca Weber commented, “It’s very comfy, it smells nice, and it’s artsy. I like the atmosphere.”

Tori Flenor and Steph Moore are two employes at the coffee house. Flenor loves working there and claims “There is no better place on campus to work” because  “it’s easy, laid back, and I get to learn about people and be involved with their lives. It feels like a Student Ministry.” Moore enjoys the “relaxed, easy-going, ‘European’… and fun” atmosphere while she is working.

Hawkins summed up the overall draw of the coffee house with the words, “It’s captivating—meaning it’s fun, enjoyable, and exciting all at the same time.”